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Fervenzi Leather Jacket Online

Wear Your Story

Wearing your story means boldly owning your authentic self: all of your chapters, scars, features, and adventures. FERVENZI encourages individualism combined with luxury styling. There is nothing more luxurious, than living as yourself — and your clothes should reveal that. Your jacket is an extension of your true self — and it will wear your story with you.

Luxury leather with a story

You never have to sacrifice being-yourself to wear high-fashion. Too often high-fashion is assimilated with impertinence and brash attitudes. Our philosophy is to be fearlessly authentic. Our principle is written into every jacket we design - the jacket compliments the individual, not the masses.

FERVENZI prides itself, in being an inclusive and allegorical brand. Our jackets are more than a piece of clothing, they are a symbol of individualism and authenticity. All our jackets are handcrafted with 100% sustainable sheep leather, which is the softest, most buttery leather in the world. It is ideal for luxury fashion, due to its supple and flattering nature. It will mold and shape to your figure as you wear it and reveal your story. Our commitment towards fair trade, ethical labor practices and sustainable materials is crucial to our core values.


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