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Jacket Colors

All of our jacket colors are named after materials found in natural places around the world. Our imagery is meant to give you an idea of the look and feel of the color. Due the dying process of the leather, jackets may vary in color. We embrace this, believing that this is part of what makes each jacket unique.


Inspired by the charcoal lit under a fire. Charcoal is the FERVENZI color. FERVENZI’s name is Italian for “fervent/passion/fire”. Charcoal keeps the fervent fire burning.

Daylight: Looks like a deep grey

Nightlife: Looks like a dark inky black


Our deep brown “Mud” color envelopes the richness of soil and the of slickness mud. It is robust with layers of deep coloring.

Daylight: Subtly chocolate brown

Nightlife: Deep brown, nearly appearing black


The word “maroon” originated from the french word ‘marron’ which means ‘chestnut’. True to it's origin, FERVENZI’s Chestnut color is deeply maroon in nature, evoking feelings of saturated romance and intense passion. The color is representative of creativity, confidence, excitement and power.

Daylight:Looks like a true maroon with rusty brown nuances

Nightlife:Looks like a chestnutty brown


Sandstone is a substance found around the world, often composed of clay material. Vast in use, it is a go-to material for many projects. Simiarliary, our sandstone color compliments skin tones found around the world and pairs well with any color in your wardrobe.

Daylight: Looks like a light tan, with undertones of light brown

Nightlife:Looks more carmel in color, revealing undertones of orange


Rhodolite is a robustly red gemstone, unique in nature. This luxuriously fun color, is the perfect pop to any attire. It can be paired well with black, white, or navy.

Daylight: Our Rhodolite colored leather looks like a more traditional cherry red in bright lighting or under white lights

Nightlife: In moody lighting, and most indoor lighting, it looks more burgundy or like a light merlot color


This color is named after a semi-precious gemstone, which is dark blue in makeup. During the middle-ages lapis lazuli was ground up into a fine power called “ultramarine” which become precious and the most expensive blue pigment available.

Daylight: This Lapis blue looks like a true navy blue, with subtle blueberry highlights

Nightlife: In the evening, it looks more inky in color; a much deeper blue, with grey undertones


“Topaz” originated from the Greek word “Topazion” which ultimately originates from the Indian Sanskrit word “Tapas”. Tapas means “fire,” pairing perfectly with the FERVENZI name — meaning fire — and our Indian leather.

Daylight: Our Topaz leather appears light blue in natural daylight

Nightlife:In the dark of the evening, this leather holds true to its rich teal coloring, looking like a true robust blue/green/teal