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Keep it Dry :Your leather jacket isn’t a raincoat

Keep it Hung :Hang it on a coat hanger with wide shoulders – not a thin hanger which will stretch the leather over time

Keep it Cool :Keep it away from high heat – the leather may get cracked and/or will become susceptible to drying out when exposed to high heat for a prolonged period of time

Keep it Airy :Although tempting to keep your jacket stored in a dust cover / plastic bag such as those distributed by dry cleaners, leather needs to breath. The leather will sweat over time if it is stored for a prolonged period of time in a plastic covering where it can’t breath. If you feel the need to keep your jacket in a covering, it is best to keep it stored in a cloth bag such as a simple cotton one.

Keep it Clean

When? Even if you have been caring for your jacket properly, you should still have your leather jacket professionally cleaned at least once a year or more, depending on how often you wear it.

Where?Take it to a professional leather cleaner. A good professional knows various cleaning processes to use and which one is appropriate, depending on the type of leather, color, and style as well as how to remove any stains

Why? If your leather jacket has gotten a little dirty, lost some of its color, or developed cracks, a professional leather cleaning service can restore its vibrancy and repair the damage including stains such as ink.

If you care for you jacket, it will continue to share your story for many years to come.